“I am still me”

Just a short one after my visit to see Mam tonight…

But before I get into the full swing of this, I stole the idea from Macmillan  (obviously they are a lot more au fait with aliens than I am), but I thought I’d share with you my own version of the chemo kit I made for my mam, in case there is anyone out there with their own aliens who want to copy.

My courageous mother is due to start her first day of chemo NEXT WEEK. This will be a momentous occasion as it marks a number of things; being wire free, being able to walk, the operation wound healing, going home and a big step up in kicking the alien’s ass! It also marks the start of a number of not so nice things; side effects which my mam is not looking forward to.

In a Facebook post to friends and family from my mam, following confirmation of the alien’s visit, she put “I am still me”. This is incredibly important as there are a number of things that the alien is holding back from my mam, not taking away, just holding back from her. So this chemo kit is to combat the side effects and help to make my mam feel more human and less alien.

Chemo Kit

  1. Ginger Tea – to help with nausea (I got Ginger and Orange as ginger on its own can have too strong a taste)
  2. Burts Bees Lip Balm – for dry lips
  3. L’occitane Shea Butter hand cream – for dry hands
  4. Yorkshire Soap Company Verbena Hand Cream – for dry hands (and it’s one of my mam’s favourite shops)
  5. Neal’s Yard Roll on Remedies (Relaxation) – help chill out and sleep
  6. Nail vitamins – to combat brittle nails.
  7. Plastic Cutlery – to avoid adding to any metallic tastes in the mouth
  8. Mrs Doubtfire on DVD – one of our favourite films to make her smile!
  9. A pretty bag to put it all in.



Here’s to feeling like you again Mammy H x


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