There’s an Alien in my Family

2 weeks ago we found out that an alien came to visit our family. We do not like the alien, in fact we HATE it.

The alien flew in unnoticed and most certainly uninvited. This is a very rarer alien – not from this planet, not from this galaxy.

The alien crash landed inside the Mothership – finding its grubby little home in my mam’s leg. It is making my mam very ill and all of us a little scared. We would ask the alien to leave but that wouldn’t work, it is sticking around. it will take the galactic powers from the NHS enterprise with their chemo/radiotherapy alien blasters to keep it at bay (and a hell of a lot of love from friends and family – the Alienettes as my mam has named us). It is setting up camp in her lung too. Currently she is in hospital fighting fit with the sense of humour we all know and love.

You may know the alien by a different name..a C name ( I too have a different name for it…also starting with a C!)

My mam is one incredible woman. And if anybody can scare the shit out of the alien – it’s her. 2 weeks in and already we have a series of funny/farcical moments that could only occur with the Harpers.

We are just waiting for The Force to get back to us with their plan of action.

The near future is definitely going to be a journey into the unknown with this repulsive alien, so from me – I might be a little bit more emotional, fragile, absent, quiet…and other such astronomical emotions I’ve yet to come across. So I’m letting you know in advance. Your patience, support and love for me, my family and especially Storm Trooper Lorraine Harper would be very much appreciated.

Alien – you picked the wrong family!!


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